Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Negative Stance on Usage of Animals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Negative Stance on Usage of Animals - Essay Example The first problem that is associated with conducting medical tests and research on animals is that animals and human beings are different from each other and the reliability of tests conducted on animals decreases for human beings due to their physical and emotional differences (Hill 31). Animals such as mice are weaker than human beings, they do not have strong bones like human beings, and thus the impact of a particular chemical on mice may be much worse than it may impact human beings and what might suit a particular individual may not suit mice. The second problem associated with using animals for research is that by giving importance to human interests, researchers may be violating animal rights. Animals and human being are both living things and no single living thing should suffer pain for the benefit of another living thing. The extent of suffering that is experienced by animals is very high, they are treated in an inhumane manner and are not given as much respect as other li ving things such as humans during tests. Animals cannot speak up or exhibit experience of pain as human beings do; this does not necessarily mean that they cannot feel pain. The third issue with the usage of animals for the purpose of conducting research and tests in order to benefit human beings is that this act is unethical. Those in the favor of this act use the ethical problem-solving method of utilitarianism to support the act. They believe that using animals for research purposes has more benefits to offer to the society and the costs associated with the act are near to zero. The benefit that is obtained by using animals for research purpose is that treatments are developed which help in maintaining and achieving wellbeing of human beings.  

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